2-set BUNDLE: "40 Things in 40 Days" (The Declutter & Donate Sets of Cards bundled together)

Are you ready to donate, toss or sell 40 things in 40 days?  Today is your day!

What Will I Get? 

You will receive 80 cards to download.   Each card will have one task for each day.   You can use them on your own or ask your family to follow along.   
Here are a few sample pages: 

  • When you declutter your home in this way, it becomes a habit.  Soon, you will have a clutter-free home that you were able to create without even noticing.   These small steps make the biggest difference! 
  • Get started today and you will be one day closer to your declutter goal and one step closer to the house of your dreams.  

Then, you'll also get our other populate version of this... DONATE 40 Things in 40 Days! 

Use these printable cards to help you donate 40 things in 40 days. Each card will have a new idea to help you.  There are 4 cards on each sheet, with a total of over 40 printable cards.  

This is my favorite tip for decluttering as you go - it's so much less overwhelming this way!! I hope it works for your family as well as it has worked for mine!! 

40 things in 40 days

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