Christmas Holiday Activity Pack - Christmas Games for the Family to Play! (25 activities!)

25 Days of Christmas Games

Printable Bundle

Holiday Games BUNDLE!  Countdown to Christmas with 25 days of ideas, games, and activities!  This pack of Christmas Game Printables includes fun family activities!  Printable games the whole family can play together (or virtually!)

A pack of printable games (25 activities with 21 printable games) to keep your family having fun every day until Christmas!  

This printable pack of 25-holiday activities includes a holiday countdown map (to keep your games organized), 25-holiday ideas, and 21 printable games, including Scattegories, Who Am I?, Charades, and more! 

🎄BUNDLE pack includes 25 activities (including 21 printable games to print immediately or anytime!)

  • Holiday Matching Game (Memory)
  • Christmas Drawing Day! "Draw A..."
  • Make a Christmas Chatterbox
  • Holiday Plate Drawing Game
  • Holiday Snow Globe
  • Christmas Scattergories
  • "Merry Christmas" (Word Game)
  • My Favorite Christmas Ornament
  • Reindeer food Recipe
  • Hot or Cold Hide-a-Christmas-card Game
  • Play "Name that Christmas Song"
  • My Year In Review sheet
  • Christmas Scattergories
  • Movies Charades 
  • Songs Charades
  • "Who Am I? Christmas game
  • Holiday Bingo X 6
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Complete a Christmas Maze
  • Snow Globe
  • Letter to Santa

Make this year memorable with so many fun holiday games & activities! 

🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT that you can download & print🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

This means you will be able to print this immediately upon purchase.  Nothing will be shipped to you (no shipping fees!), and you won't have to wait for anything.  Once you purchase this packet, you can print it as many times as you'd like because it is yours to use forever.  


The printable Christmas games are so much fun to play with family and friends.  Great for both younger and older kids. These are the perfect Christmas Eve and Christmas Day activities to bring your family together for fun times, laughter, and creating holiday memories.     

Christmas Traditions: Holiday Games for Kids & Families

I love anything that brings a family together.  In this packet, you'll find everything to keep the kids busy and having fun. 
This packet includes everything from... 


  • Christmas Scattegories
  • Find the Christmas Cards  ("HOT & COLD" game) 
  • Drawing Plate Game (hilarious!) 
  • Chatter-Box (AKA: Fortune Teller, Cootie Catcher)
  • Scavenger Hunt 


  • Draw your favorite Christmas activity
  • Year in Review sheet
  • How many words can you make from the words MERRY CHRISTMAS?

Games for Christmas in a Printable Bundle

When you are ready, check out, wait for your "Confirmation & Download Page,"  then download & print out the games you want to play.   You are welcome to print them as many times as you'd like to use them over and over again! 

Holiday Games in a Virtual or Printable Bundle

This works as a virtual game, too!   Send your family a copy of the game you want to play & let everyone join via Facetime or a Zoom call.   Christmas knows no Distance.  

 Happy Holidays! 

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