Blessings Through Raindrops - Conversations of Hope for the Miscarriage Mom

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>Blessings Through Raindrops ~ Book of Hope for the Miscarriage Mom

Three moms: Becky Mansfield from Your Modern Family, Kristi Dalnoky from Klover House and Betsy Moore from BMooreHealthy set out to create a resource for moms who have experienced loss through miscarriage.

When they initially went through their miscarriages, they had a really hard time finding resources that were helpful.  They felt sad, alone and defeated.

It is my hope that this book brings you the hope that they wanted during that time.... that this book will be that resources for moms who unfortunately had to join this club. 



  • Totally blindsided: receiving the news
  • Finding a lifeline: longing for support
  • The warrior within: finding strength in fragile moments
  • The ripple effect: learning to lean on and love through
  • Next steps: moving forward in hope and health
  • Blessings through raindrops: finding meaning and choosing to celebrate life
  • From the other side: a spouse’s perspective
  • Additional resources
  • Our hope for you
  • A shared experience: stories from other miscarriage moms
  • And so much more…



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