Kindergarten Sight Words Bundle

What are Sight Words, and why do children need to memorize them?

Sight words, also called high-frequency words, are the words that appear in the text the most. They appear more than other words, but they are often tricky words.  While some of these words follow phonics patterns, many do not. The goal of teaching students these sight words is to give them the ability to recognize these words without sounding them out. 

The more opportunity we offer them to see, hear, read, and understand the words, the better their chance of memorizing, understanding, repeating, recognizing, and writing these words. 

 By teaching these words, your child will be able to read in a smoother, more natural, and fluent way, without stopping to sound out or figure out each word. 

This is vital for future academic success. 

Learning their sight words will be the building block for everything else.  They will have a solid foundation that will impact the rest of their academic future.   

How will this packet help my child learn sight words? 

While it is true that each child learns differently, it is also true that practice makes a massive difference in a child's success. 

The more exposure your child has to sight words, the more your child will learn by using the different activities in this packet.  

Plus, by using the resources in this packet, your child will learn the words quicker due to the repeated exposure of the sight words. 

What is included in the SIGHT WORD BUNDLE? 

This bundle included worksheets, ideas, and activities to help students master their sight words. In the Kindergarten Sight Words Bundle, you'll get a file to download and print, which includes:

  • Sight Word Checklist - keep track of your child's progress!

  • Sight Word Flash Cards - practice makes perfect!

  • Sight Word Supply List - a list of the supplies to keep on hand to make learning sight words fun!

  • Sight Word Tracing Sheets - print these off, and you can use them for handwriting practice! (Teacher tip: laminate them and use a whiteboard marker so you can re-use them again and again!)

  • Book List - my favorite children's books that highlight the kindergarten sight words. Use the books included and encourage your child to find their sight words in the text. 

These tools will help your child succeed in this foundational, vital skill of learning their sight words.  Mastery of the sight words will help your child to become a confident reader and enthusiastic learner. 

By mastering sight words, your child will become a confident, fluent reader! 

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