Kindergarten Sight Words Bundle

Sight Words (also called High-Frequency Words) are those tricky words that kids need to memorize in order to become successful readers. These are words that students are expected to master by the end of their year in kindergarten. Give your kids a head start by practicing early and often!

In the Kindergarten Sight Words Bundle you'll get a file to download and print which includes:

  • Sight Word Checklist - keep track of your child's progress!
  • Sight Word Flash Cards - practice makes perfect!
  • Sight Word Supply List - a list of the supplies to keep on hand to make learning sight words fun!
  • Sight Word Tracing Sheets - print these off and you can use them for handwriting practice! (Teacher tip: laminate them and use a whiteboard marker so you can re-use them again and again!)
  • Book List - my favorite children's books that highlight the kindergarten sight words. Have your child go on a word hunt as you read together, find those sight words you've learned!
By mastering sight words, your child will become a confident, fluent reader!

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