40 Days to a Better You {BUNDLE} (40 Days of Lent Cards)

Lent is like a reboot... a season of personal reflection, personal & spiritual growth, and renewal. Lent can be a journey that leads to joyful discovery and closer family ties – a shining beacon for the rest of our year. Let's embrace this time with open hearts and joyful spirits!

I have several sets of "40 days" cards, so I created this BUNDLE, where I've combined all of our 40-day sets into one product... and reduced the price by over 50%, as compared to purchasing them separately. 

What is Included in this Packet?

bundled lent cards - 40 days to a better you!

Here, you'll find four sets of adorable Lenten cards tailor-made for you. They're all about embracing this time for decluttering, enhancing our prayer experience, and cherishing every precious moment with our children.