Declutter 40 Things in 40 Days

Are you ready to donate, toss or sell 40 things in 40 days?  Today is your day!

Clean up and organize your house with this great tool - 40 cards with a different "declutter task" each day! Getting rid of 40 different things in your house sounds daunting, but when broken up into a 40-day plan, it’s easy. Use these cards to get you on track toward an organized house!


What Will I Get?

This set offers 40 cards for you to download and print (or keep on your computer and be super eco-friendly!)  Each card has one item for you to consider getting rid of each day (for example: donate one kitchen appliance or pan one day, donate an unused sweater the next).  

If you set aside 5 minutes each day to complete your card, in just 40 days your house will be so much less cluttered!

If you complete this simple 40-day house cleanse, then you’ll be well on your way to decluttering as a habit! You’ll find yourself staying more organized and clutter-free without even having to think about it.