Daily & Weekly Responsibility Chore Chart for Kids (10 Varieties included!)

Do you want your child to be responsible?  Do you want your children to do their chores and take care of their responsibilities more independently? 

These Responsibility and Chore Checklists Are Key. 

These digitally downloaded checklists were created with children in mind. Each week, you can add the chores or responsibilities that you want your child to handle.  

  • Use the daily area to keep track of the daily to-dos, like making their bed and brushing their teeth. 
  • Use the weekly area to keep track of those more time-consuming jobs like changing the sheets or dusting their bedroom.  
  • This includes two sets of charts per color (A Responsibility Chart & A Chore Chart). 
  • Five colors have been included for use with multiple children:

10 Varieties Included in this bundle:

  1. Blue Responsibilities Chart
  2. Blue Chore Chart
  3. Pink  Responsibilities Chart
  4. Pink  Chore Chart
  5. Yellow  Responsibilities Chart
  6. Yellow Chore Chart
  7. Orange  Responsibilities Chart
  8. Orange  Chore Chart
  9. Green Chore Chart
  10. Green  Responsibilities Chart

    These Chore Checklists & Responsibility Charts are a simple way to help your child keep track of what you expect them to do each day and week. 

    How Do I Get It? 

    • You will receive one digital download on the confirmation page as well as via email. 
    • It will be a Digital file type(s): 1 ZIP
    • The printable size is 8.5" x 11"
    • Print the sheets & fill them out each week, or fill them out one time and laminate them for re-use without the need to re-print.