Potty Train in a Weekend

Why You Need this Book

Do you have the potty training blues? Is potty training driving you crazy?  It doesn't have to! You can potty train your child this weekend with this book. 

Learn to potty train your child in just 3 days!
Get ready to kiss diapers, pullups, and wipes goodbye :)

This book is perfect for any parents that don't want to deal with the headaches of potty training anymore. Becky Mansfield has found a 3-day schedule that can deliver 99% of the time! The book is listed as a #1 bestseller on Amazon, thousands of copies have been sold, and everyone raves about the success of the book!

Sneak Peek into the Book

When you buy Potty Train in a Weekend, you'll learn all about: 

  • Proven potty training methods
  • How Becky trained her three boys and girls in just three days
  • My child will pee on the potty, but won't poop!
  • How to reward your child
  • What to do about regression
  • Sitting vs standing for boys
  • Training your child when you are not home
  • A 3-day schedule, broken down
  • Finding the best potty chair for your child


Over 10,000 moms have already downloaded this #1 best selling potty training book. Here's what they have to say!

"I started training my son using your method -- he picked it up SO quickly! It's now Tuesday and he hasn't had an accident since Friday! I NEVER expected it to be this quick!!" - Lisa Colton

"Our 22-month-old is now COMPLETELY trained! He was trained after the first day of doing what you suggest in the book. My parents are completely shocked!