School Year Made Simple

Are you ready for a stress-free school year?

What causes stress?  Usually, it's from a lack of planning which then causes us to feel overwhelmed, worried, and frustrated.   It can lead to yelling and loss of patience.   

What can we do about it?  Today's tools are all bundled together with the purpose of helping you feel good about this school year!   

We're including our school systems, routines, planning tools, educational resources, and more... all to help you have a stress-free school year, no matter which school option you've chosen: 

  • Homeschool
  • Virtual (online) school
  • Pod school
  • In-person traditional school

What's included in the bundle? 

For You: 
  • Catch-All Family Planner (to-do list, important information, budgeting sheets, grocery sheets, meal-planning tools, and more)
  • School Planner (projects, class schedules, to-do sheets, and more)
  • Implementing Routines & Systems Course "Parenting Manual 101"

School Resources:

  • Routine cards for kids
  • Morning routine sheet
  • Afternoon routine sheet
  • Evening routine sheet
  • School Planner (projects, class schedules, to-do sheets, and more)
  • Fidget Spinner Math sheets
  • Fidget Spinner Spelling sheets
  • No Screentime-Until Printable Sheet
  • Chapter Book List for Boys
  • Chapter Book List for Girls 
  • Educational Websites List
  • Educational Shows List
  • Swap Chores for Screentime Cards for Kids 

For The Home Tools

  • Chore List (room by room)
  • Chore Cards for older kids 
  • Chore Cards for younger kids 
  • Swap Chores for Screentime Cards  
  • Freed From Clutter book 
  • Home Cleaning Schedule

Get rid of the stress & start enjoying this school year!  

With our systems and routines in place, you'll feel confident and excited to start every day!