The Kitchen Bundle

Decluttered Kitchen in 5 Days 

Here is what you will receive:

  1. 5-Day Kitchen Cleaning & Declutter Challenge including:
    - Declutter Guide
    - Throw Away List
    - "Do I need this?" chart 
    - Daily, detailed, doable tasks
  2. 30-day cleaning checklist
  3. Tidy Home Rules
  4. Menu Plan to fill out
  5. Grocery Shopping List
  6. Menu & shopping list together for easy organization.

    Feel free to print all of these charts & guides or login here daily.
    You will have lifetime access to these materials.

    Who wants to work towards a cleaner and more organized year?! We do!

    The solution: SIMPLIFICATION!

    Most of us have SO MUCH excess stuff that instead of having a retreat from the busy world to relax -- we have, well, more of a cluttered mess bogging us down and making us unhappy at home.

    If we simplify our homes by only keeping the things we need and love, we can eliminate the negative feelings associated with the extra clutter that surrounds us. This allows us to allocate our newly saved resources (money, more free time, less cleaning time, etc) toward life experiences that will enrich your life.

    Just imagine how much extra time we could spend making unforgettable family memories.

    For this short, doable 5 day challenge we will ONLY focus our efforts in the kitchen. It is designed to jumpstart your decluttering and organization habits to help you clear out all that obvious unwanted and unused “stuff” that is dead weight in your life.

    The idea is to keep it simple and easy - only 30 minutes to an hour - which will build momentum to then tackle other categories and areas in your home.In this bundle, you will receive many printables. I call it a bundle because it is a one-stop shop!

    Are you ready to jumpstart your cleaning by tackling the kitchen?

    Sample of what you will be getting: 

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