The Unofficial Tax Handbook for Bloggers

If you are like me, taxes used to be so simple. I would always pick up the form from my place of employment, hand it off to my husband and he would take care of the rest. With both of us being traditionally employed it really wasn’t all that difficult.

Then I decided to own create my own business and things just got more complicated. We had a lot of questions starting out and the tax side of it was one of the things that worried us most. I know the same was true for Becky and her husband Mickey as well.

We’ve all done a lot of studying and discussing things with CPAs in two states and have learned a lot of great lessons along the way. We’re really excited to share this book that Becky and I wrote with Mickey. It should answer a lot of your tax questions and get you on the right track for tax time this year! Mickey used to work in finance for a large company, before resigning to work at home and take over the blog’s finances. (He is the one that does Becky’s Income Reports with her.)

He also meets with their CPA a lot (at least once a month). We knew we needed to pull from his expertise for this book, and since he’s a blogger now, too, we realized we had the makings of an incredibly useful book right here between the three of us!

Written from the accounting side and the blogger’s side, it will clear up some of the tax terms that you read about in official articles online, and show you how to prepare your books for tax time so it’s not stressful when that day comes.

This book is written for an audience in the United States. Sorry, but we have no experience with how taxes work in other countries, so we didn’t attempt to cover that.

We hope you enjoy the unofficial tax handbook for bloggers.



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Happy Reading, Happy De-cluttering and Happy Organizing!
– Becky Mansfield


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