When Baby Becomes Big Sibling

Paula Rollo

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Why You Need this Book

A must-read for the expectant mama or the recent mother of more than one baby!

Sneak Peak into the Book

A fun and relatable book covering many of the challenges confronting a mother preparing to have another baby. Real-life ideas for helping the toddler know what to expect, tips for handling regression in the older child, and logistics for life with more than one baby.

Get ready for a light-hearted and funny book that shares stories from the author's transition into a family of four with her own delightfully rambunctious toddler.


"Paula's book is so perfect for the mother about to have her second child. In my own experience, going from 1 to 2 children was SO scary and the advice and tips that Paula gives in her book are just perfect for welcoming another little one into the family. Would make a great gift for the second-time mama-to-be who may not get that baby shower!!" 

"This book is perfect for a parent expecting another baby (whether it is your 2nd or your 6th!). She gives really awesome advice on how to approach it and how to get your other children involved and excited. This book is a must-read and I tell all of my pregnant (or trying to become pregnant) friends to read it." - NC Family

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