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Are you ready to be Freed from Clutter?

In a nutshell, this book is your ticket to freedom from clutter. I have filled this book with everything that you need to declutter and organize your home in 30 days (with a printable cleaning list to continue to keep it clean).



★★★★★ “I feel so much better!” – Jessica Sanseon
“The thing is, I felt depressed when I look around my house.  I didn’t even know where to start because it was so overwhelming.  Your book changed that.  I was energized because I had a plan.  I tackled it just as you said to do- I walked through each room and followed what the book said.  Now, my house is organized, airy, clean, fresh and wonderful!  It is like a new house again!  Thank you, sincerely.”

I know that it can be hard to embark on a decluttering journey when you are stuck clicking through and finding 50+ posts (I have written many posts on clutter).

Now, you will have it all in this one ebook:  It will all be in one place and easy for you to read and implement.

This book is filled with tips for how to declutter and organize each room and area in your home (bathrooms, bedrooms, garage, pantry, kitchen, cabinets, drawers… even how to keep your papers and mail from taking over your countertops, etc…)   This book will give you the tools to be able to get rid of the things that you no longer have use for, so that you an be free from the weight of clutter(because it is a real thing!)



Cleaning with kids can be hard (trust me, with four kids ages 8 and under, I can relate!) but it can also be done.  My organizing tips will help you to learn how to do this and I say this because I do them in my home.


My goal is to get you out of that stress of clutter and into a place that makes you feel at peace… essentially, you will be Freed from Clutter!




★★★★★ “Awesome book!” – Katrina Tomas
“This book kept our house clean! I love the printable forms at the end!  I needed a detailed cleaning list like this!”

★★★★★ “Changed our home” – Chelsea Say
“This book changed our home. I followed it day by day and by the end, our home felt so much better. I wasn’t feeling anxious anymore and our home felt fresh. I invited friends over because I no longer had to be embarrassed!”

★★★★★ “Thank you!” – Diana Puric
“I read your potty train book, so I already knew that I liked your writing style, but you were the same for this one.  You make everything so obtainable and I just love how you make it so much easier to reach our goals!”

freed from clutter

So here you go… all of my organizing tips for your home, all in one place:


Happy Reading, Happy De-cluttering and Happy Organizing!


– Becky Mansfield

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