Parenting Manual 101

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Build a relationship that will only continue to grow with time.

You can have that close relationship with your children that you really want! You can finally stop just REACTING to the problem and start getting the REASON.

Do you want kids who feel more connected? 

We've got you covered! You can have the relationship with your child that you've always pictured and imagined.

Stop Yelling, arguing, feeling stressed. Stop just REACTING to the problem and start getting the the REASON. 

Build a relationship that will last a lifetime. 

Create a home that your children want to come home to.


It may seem like a lifetime away... 

The day that your children are grown enough to come BACK home to visit or hang out for a Sunday night dinner... while you are in the thick of it, dealing with tantrums.

It may seem like a lifetime away... the day that your children stop by to ask dad for help on the car or to bake cookies with you, just because... while you are stuck in the reality of trying to get them to take just ONE bite of their dinner.

It isn't a lifetime away. It starts now. The foundation of it begins today.



A 28 day course to help you create the home that you've always wanted... a home that your family loves and that everyone is happy to come home in every single day. 

Parenting Manual 101 is for all parents... and because you are parents, we want to give you a FREE printable with 5 parenting phrases you'll want to use and remember. 

Because you are parents and parents are busy... we cut out all of the "fluff" and we are just giving you tactics that WORK. 

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